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**I wasn't able to paste the kids' pictures on here. Please contact Vickie Truelove at for more info and pics!!!**


Boy 614A – born 8/17/07 – post-operative meningocele

Boy born 8/17/07 – post operative meningocele – he has been in a foster home since September, 2007.  He is timid and shy.  He likes playing with little friends and with his foster mother outside.  He can walk and run very well, go up and down stairs, has good language skills, and likes playing with toy cars.  He can sing many children’s songs and studies well in nursery school.  The meningocele on his lower back has been surgically removed. His personality: shy, introverted, active, does not talk to strangers, but communicate well with foster family, happy, does not like to be criticized.

Boy 410A – born 6/30/07 – congenital cleft lip (repaired) and palate

Male born June 30, 2007 (estimated by the doctor). He was picked up by a family member of the institution’s staff. Child is in a foster home.
The PE on admission: height: 47cm weight: 2.3kg head size: 31cm chest size: 30cm; poor nutrition and mild sound of crying. He had congenital cleft lip and palate.
The PE of 6 months old: height: 63cm weight: 5.7kg head size: 40cm chest size: 39cm.
On Apr 13, 2009 (when he was 1 year and 10 months), the child underwent the recovery operation of cleft lip. He recovered well.
Presently, he is 4 years and 8 months. The current PE: height: 99cm weight: 17kg head size: 52cm chest size: 55cm. The child is relatively extrovert and active. He can go upstairs and downstairs alone. He likes playing with blocks, imitating, smiling and listening to music. He likes playing games with other kids. He likes being together to others and he is curious about everything.
Language ability: Because the child had postoperative cleft lip and palate, the child’s language development is not as good as his peers. He can express himself with the words and sentences taught to him with just one sentence not so clear. He can communicate with other kids and adults.
Study development: The child goes to the kindergarten to study with the other kids.

Boy 410B – born 1/1/06 – ear deformities

Baby born Jan.1 2006   He entered the orphanage on Mar. 20, 2006.
Per Hand In Hand staff who recently met the child, he has hearing problems, but he can read lip-language. His mental development is very well and emotion development is good. Conclusion and suggestion as of November, 2009 was 1.abnormal of acoustic nerve conduction; 2. congenital deformity incorporation and ankylotia of both ears; 3. enorchia
Although his hearing has problem, this does not affect his well getting along with other kids, he will fight for the toy.
Due to the reason we feed in group, he has routine life, get up at 7:00, has breakfast at 7:30, add fruit and dessert at 9:00, has lunch at 11:00, mainly the rice, at 12:00 has a nap, and drinks milk at 14:30, has supper at 17:00, and goes to bed at 19:00, he has stable sleep, has bath and hair cut in fixed time, has bath once per day in summer, and has bath once in spring and autumn.
He is seldom to be ill, has normal diet, good sleep, and play with other kids in daily time, he is not sensitive to sound.

Boy 410C – born 9/7/09 – delayed development

Boy born 9/7/09.   Diagnosis: delayed development.  Psychological Test Report in Jinling Children’s Hospital on 2011-8-25 shows no abnormality.
Description: the patient child was abandoned on 2010-5-7 and admitted to our institute. To give him better care, we sent him to a foster family on Jul 30, 2010. He had big change in the family. Presently he is fostered in a family where there are a mother, father and a brother and grandma. The mother takes care of him. He gets up at 6:30, cleans up, has breakfast and then goes to school. He has congee and dim sum for breakfast. He goes to school at 7:20 and go back home at 11:00 to have lunch with rice, noodles and dishes. After nap, he would go to school at 13:00 and go back at 16:00 to do homework and then watch TV with the family and chat with the family. He has supper at 18:00, watch TV and go to bed at 20:00 with stable sleep.

Boy 410D – born 12/2/04 – cleft lip and palate (repaired)

Per Hand In Hand staff who recently met the child, he was originally diagnosed to have mental development delay, but his condition improved.  Now he is in Grade One and he is good at math.  He is well behaved and polite.
The child was born Dec. 2, 2004, found abandoned, and sent to the institute by Police station.
He is an outgoing boy, sometimes, he would play alone. By benefit from the “Tomorrow plan”, he had the neoplasty of cleft lip on Nov. 7, 2005, and had the neoplasty of cleft palate on Mar. 12, 2007.

Girl 217A - female  born 1/1/05 – mild Cerebral Palsy

On 2011-3-15, she had a PE at the Children’s Hospital of Guiyang, with which the results were as follows: height: 108cm, weight: 14.5kg, head size: 44cm, chest size: 48cm, teeth: 22; intellectual development: abnormal; hearing: normal, throat: normal; heart, lungs and abdomen: normal. The supplementary checks showed: normal blood Rt.; HbsAg, HbsAb, HbcAg, HbeAg, and HbeAb; Anti-HIV and syphilis. Diagnosis was congenital mild cerebral palsy. She is able to walk, run freely, go upstairs and downstairs, eat food on her own, understand words and facial expressions of adults. She could figure out strangers and acquaintances, call “dad, mom”, express her needs via simple words and body gestures. She is introverted, has ready smile, loves listening to music, and enjoys playing outdoors. She loves playing dolls the most. Since she has mild cerebral palsy, she sometimes cannot control her motions.

Boy 217 E– 5/27/10 male– disabled right wrist, deformity of right four fingers, hyperfuntion of both knees reflex.

On admission we decided the baby’s DOB as May 27, 2010 according to his physical development. The medical staff in this institute carried out a physical exam for the baby: the ill child’s general state was average, unfavorable nutrition, moderate reaction and crying, no stained yellow of the whole skin, no bleeding points of skin and rash, height: 56 cm, head size: 33 cm, chest size: 32 cm, no deformity of appearance of ears, nose, eyes, symmetrical thorax, clear breathing sound of lungs, no obvious pathological murmur in precordial region, abdomen soft and no tenderness; no inflaming or effusion around umbilicus, normal anus and genital organs, existing physiological curvature of spine, free motion of limbs, varus of the right wrist and deformity of the right four fingers. Preliminary diagnosis: congenital right wrist and deformity of the right four fingers. Under good feeding and nursing in the institute, the child developed well and his immunity has increased. His daily living schedule: usually get up at 6:30-6:50, nap for about 2 hours, and go to bed at 21:30-22:00, with stable sleep; has milk every 3-4 hours, added with fruit juice in the morning and afternoon, 300 ml per meal. Defecation once or twice, urination for several times a day. He is timid and has a ready smile and can get on well with others. Now he has slightly delayed development than other normal children. He likes to play with other children and the caretaker and his closest person is the caretaker. His favorite toy is block.

Boy 223 G – 1/20/2011 male - hydrocephalus

Was found Feb.28, 2011.  After admission the doctor carried out the examination, he was nystagmus, high muscle tone. Head size is obviously larger than chest size; he is considered the possible of hydrocephalus.  He has received rehabilitation after adopted by our institute. At the first two months, the rehabilitation effect was not obviously for he liked to head to left. From the third month, his muscle tone condition gets improved. His eyes not quivers as serious as before, and can blink reflectivity when we put hands in front of his eyes. When he lies down on stomach, he can head up 45 to 90 degree. His head size is smaller than before. At the sixth month, he has good appetite, and then he gains weight and is taller. He would smile when people play with him, and cry when no one with him. He can grab things passively. Now, he likes smiling to people actively, even can seat for a while with one hand supporting on floor. He likes to grab toys with sound around him, and like to hit the toys which he grabs. He can change position from lying down on back to lying down on stomach by himself, he even can pronounce sound like “baba”. His muscle tone is better, especially in his upper limb. The caretaker who gives rehabilitation to him says he can do well in the following rehabilitation procession, he thinks he gets potential ability. Now, he is 66cm in height, 7.7kg in weight, 45cmin head size, and 43cm in chest size. After head CT checking, he is diagnosed hydrocephalus.  He enjoys being cuddled by his caretaker and his favorite toys are bells.

Boy 223 I – 6/8/2007 - postoperative anus atresia, postoperative CHD

He was found on June 11 2007.  On admission we decided the baby’s DOB as June 8 2007 according to his physical development.  The medical staff in this institute carried out a physical exam for the baby the preliminary diagnosis: Anus atresia and CHD.  He was fostered in a family on June 16 2008. Under scientific feeding in the foster family, the child developed well and his immunity has increased.  . He can crawl, walk with holding things, nipple the small pill, the thumb and index fingers are deft, he can stand alone, walk with being held, can hold pen and scribble, can go upstairs when being held, both feet can jump off the floor, stand on one foot for 2 seconds, can take the block from the cup, bouch the two blocks together, and put the block into the cup. He can play the four blocks together, turn two pages of the book, play the eight blocks together, can cover and cup, knows the big and small. He can imitate the word, understand the meaning of no, knows to give when being asked, is cooperative when being put on clothes, he can controls defecation and urination, can point the features of the body, he can say the names of 3-5 words, can ask what’s this? He knows to express his own need, can say out the names of 10 things or animals, knows cold, tired and hungry. He is timid, restless, likes to imitate, has ready smile, talktive, can get along with others well, has quick response, likes to read books, play games, and is full of energy, is extrovert. He is close to the foster mother, likes to play with brother, the favorite toy is cell phone and car toy.  On Aug.13 2007 he was did the fistulize closed operation+globular rectectomy+anoplasty, the operation was successful, he can defecate free, has good spirit, the wound healed poor, and was given the medicine of grows muscle powder to turns better. On Aug.31 2007 he was on discharge. On Mar.13 2008 he was did obstruction of ASD, the operation was successful. He recovered well, and on Mar.17 2008 he was discharged.

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Leon needs a family ready to go!!

**Update!! Man, I am SO late updating this! Leon's new dad is on his way to get him NOW!! So happy for the Hedden family**

Leon turns 14 next month! He needs a family close to travel to open their hearts and home to him! Are you out there?? If you are adopting through WACAP, they are offering a $5000 grant towards his adoption. His orphanage fee may be able to be waived as well! HURRY!

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More Beautiful Waiting Children!

Quaid is 4 years old and totally cute! His eyes in this pic just seem to be calling out for his family to find him! Quaid has arthrogryposis and club feet. He is described as very smart, and on target both verbally and mentally. He is very observant and also very loving. His bed is low to the floor so that he can get in and out of it on his own. Quaid would benefit greatly from the care and therapy he would get in a forever family!
Do they get any sweeter than this? Matthias is just 17 months old, and  is waiting to be cuddled by his mommy and daddy! Matthias has cleft feet and hands, and also was found to have PFO (patent foramen ovale). The cardiologist is just monitoring the PFO for now. Surely there is a family out there for Matthias....I know there is!
This is sweet Mindy, who desperately needs the love of a family ! She will be 10 this year, and has been diagnosed with CHD and delays. I am trying to get an update on her to see how she is doing....her file is SO old:(

Are Any Of These YOUR Children? Part II

Ming is an adorable 6 year old boy who has already had many of his "issues" corrected surgically. He does have some scoliosis that will need to be addressed once he's home with his family. What a cutie pie!
Vivian still waits for her forever family! She has multiple spinal issues, and would do SO well with the correct surgeries and therapies! She needs to know the love of a mother and father....she deserves to know it!

Adorable little Jewel was originally a non-special needs child. Then an abnormal CT scan showed  an underdevelopment  of her brain. The director of her orphanage loves her very much, and would love to see her find her forever family.

Ting Ting is an adorable 6 year old boy who waits for his forever family. He has had surgery to correct his club feet. He also has mild cerebral palsy and arthrogryposis. He is adept at taking care of his daily needs, and is described as active and lovely. Where are his parents???

Are Any Of These YOUR Children?

Since I've been a  bad  busy advocate lately, I am packing a lot of cute faces into one post. All of these children are currently on the shared list, and available to be locked by ANY agency. What are you waiting for??

Freddie, age 9
Has had corrective surgery for a sensitive issue. Email me for more info. Freddie is completely healthy and developmentally on target. He just needs a family!
Felix, age 9
Felix is (in almost every way) Freddie's twin! Both boys share a  birthday, both are from the SAME orphanage, have the SAME special need, and were found 2 days apart! I am trying to get confirmation on whether or not they are fraternal twins. Felix, unlike Freddie, has not had surgical correction for his "issue". He is 100% boy, though...both boys are.
Felix is healthy and happy, and just needs the love of a forever family!
This beauty is 5 years old and has cerebral palsy. She is said to love music and loves to smile:) I am working on getting an update on her asap!
Beautiful Laura is a 7 year old with a soft, sweet voice and gentle temperament. She has cerebral palsy  and is delayed in speech and gross motor skills. Laura doesn't let any of that stop her, and neither should you!! She needs her family now!

More cuties in the next post!!

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Peter Desperately Wants A Family!

Once in a while a child comes along that changes your life. They quickly and easily steal a spot deep in your heart, and you are forever changed. That is the way Becca Bolt, a volunteer with Bring Me Hope, was affected by Peter--a 10 year old boy who regularly attends the "camps" that BMH sets up for Chinese orphans each year.
Read her touching story below:

Peter's StoryMy strong hero-

"Who will be my buddy?"  
These are the first words that I heard Peter speak (in Mandarin).  It was day 1 of the Bring Me Hope summer camp for orphans, and Peter did not have an American buddy matched to him yet.  As an exhausted staff member, I had previously decided to not have a buddy that week.  Plans changed. With one look at this little boy I knew we were supposed to spend the week together.  I walked across the room and grabbed Peter's hand, saying I was his buddy.  The smile that erupted on his face is etched in my memory forever.  During that first day, Peter and I bonded more quickly than any other child I had every been matched with.  During day 2 of camp we had a water gun fight with all the other kids.  For over an hour Peter positioned himself between me and the others shouting, "You can't shoot her!  If you shoot her I will get you!"  I laughed as I watched him race around, trying to protect me by shooting all the other kids with water. 

As the week progressed, my laughter turned into sorrow as I saw this precious boy yearn for love.  If I spent one moment with another child, Peter would become jealous.  He though he had to work harder to earn my love.  He served me food, filled my cup with water, gave me his toys, stole candy from other children to give to me, and yes, even wrote me notes and drew pictures.  The pictures always told the same story.  He carefully colored a strong prince and one princess.   When he gave it to me he said I was the princess, and he was the hero.  

Even though he had a soft heart, Peter was strong.  He tried to hide the fact that he wore a diaper, disappearing for short times to change himself.  When he returned he pretended like nothing happened.  I watched all of this, and decided that Peter was my strong hero.  

Friday came, and it was time to say goodbye.  I had been dreading this moment all week, and wasn't sure how Peter would respond.  Hist strength faltering, he held my hand tightly as we walked to the car door.  Before he got in, a small tear fell down his cheek.  The first tear I had seen all week.  Hesitating for just a moment, Peter turned around and hugged me tightly.  As I wrapped my arms around him, a personal responsibility for him grew in my heart.  He may be leaving, but I was his advocate.  

The car pulled out of the driveway, and as tears streamed down my face it began to pour down in rain.  I looked heavenward and asked the Lord, "Why is he alone?  Why doesn't he have a family?"  The reply?  "Becca, you can speak loudly on his behalf."

And so I am.  Would you consider bringing this little boy, my little brother, into your family?

His words are still in my heart,
"You're going to find me a family, aren't you Becca?"

You can see his video here: 

More about Peter from Becca:
Peter's Description
Peter is a 10 year old boy with a heart looking for genuine love. Peter will quietly perform acts that show his desire for attention. He will give his last piece of candy, hold your hand all day, draw pictures of him being the prince and you the princess, and ensure that you are protected. He doesn't smile quickly or give hugs readily, but you can see in all the small actions that he is waiting for love.

Peter has been diagnosed with two things: Spina Bifida (which makes him incontinent), and a low IQ. However, I am in the process of a foreign doctor re-examining him because I spent a week with Peter and never once thought he was mentally slow.  I believe this was a miss-diagnosed.  As for his incontinence, it does not slow him down at all.
 He can play soccer, swim, sing songs, read, write, and feed himself.  A foreign doctor I spoke with told me that once Peter's in a family his need can be greatly helped using toileting and behavioural strategies. 

Please comment here or email me for more information on sweet Peter!